• Kruger: Large Mammal Research

  • Kruger: Large Mammal Research

  • Kruger: Large Mammal Research

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Project Description

Conservation of all Species in the Kruger National Park

The Kruger Large Mammal Research project aims to ensure the conservation of all species of wildlife in the Kruger National Park. SANParks recognises that large mammals are perhaps the most important biological assets for conservation as they drive African savannah systems and attract tourists which in turn benefits people living in these areas.

Preserving Biodiversity

The project aims to effectively manage the inevitable human-wildlife conflict and to preserve the biodiversity of the area through restoring the natural order of the ecosystems. The researchers here understand that ecosystems function best when they are unstable and are taking steps to restore natural order by removing unnatural interventions like additional water sources and fences (where it will not affect tourism) and managing mammal populations by relocating certain animals. These interventions are intended to contribute towards greater biodiversity. The research focuses on four areas: elephants, rhinos, carnivores and large herbivores.


The SATIB Conservation Trust has provided a fully insured GWM research vehicle which will be used to support the large mammal research programme in the Kruger National Park.

We are also planning on assisting with conservation education for tourists and surrounding communities and a new human-wildlife conflict programme dealing with lion predation of cattle in community areas on the western boundary.

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