• GLTP: Elephants Alive

  • GLTP: Elephants Alive

  • GLTP: Elephants Alive

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Project Description


Elephants Alive operates in South Africa’s Kruger National Park which has recently been incorporated into the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park along with the Limpopo and Gonarezhou National Parks. Elephants Alive’s aim is to preserve the elephant populations of the area and reduce human-elephant conflict through effective interventions and educational projects.

The research team focuses on the following:

  • Tracking elephants using cutting edge technology to understand elephant’s movements.
  • Individual based elephant identification studies to understand elephant’s social landscapes
  • Vegetation surveys to understand how elephants alter their environment
  • Questionnaire surveys to understand how people perceive elephants and their effects
  • Educational programmes and presentations to spread the word about pressing elephant conservation issues.
Tracking Elephants

The work of Elephants Alive centres on satellite tracking technology, examining the impact of elephant populations on their habitats and the monitoring of individually identified animals to learn more about the social dynamics of the herds. Some of these elephants are the last remaining big tusked elephants and they have become valuable assets in educational programmes aimed at addressing issues of elephant conservation and poaching. Elephants Alive also trains volunteers from local communities to assist with research and become ambassadors for wildlife.


The SATIB Conservation Trust has provided a fully insured Land Rover Freelander research vehicle which will be used for elephant observations throughout Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. The Trust also provides varied insurance cover for vehicles and liability insurance as well as equipment, PR support, transportation services, business advice and financial support. We are also planning on assisting with conservation education for tourists and surrounding communities and will begin investigating the establishment of a “fly camp” for research purposes and a volunteer researcher programme to assist with field work.

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