• R.I.P Cecil (2002 - 1st July, 2015)

    #Cecilthelion, Hwange Lion Project. Support Lion Conservation efforts. Donate now.
  • 2015 Shongologlo Tour offers for SATIB Conservation Trust supporters:

    Get up to 40% discount off published rates, and support our wildlife conservation projects. www.satibtrust.com/shongololo-express/
  • Graceful, Elegant, Explosive ... Endangered?

    Struggling to overcome human conflict, loss of habitat and lack of genetic variation
  • Intelligent, Self-Aware, Compassionate ... Vulnerable & poached for its tusks

    "The animal that surpasses all others in wit and mind" - Aristotle
  • R.I.P Cecil (2002 - 1st July, 2015)

    Dr Andrew Loveridge, WildCRU ... examining Cecil in 2013. Support Lion Conservation efforts. Donate now.
  • Secretive, Elusive, Stealthy ... Poached for its skin

    Poisoned, poached, hunted and trapped
  • Powerful, Majestic, Noble... Vulnerable

    Hunted & poached for its bones ... and losing habitat
  • Solitary, Peaceful, Surprisingly Agile ... Critically Endangered

    Hunted & poached for its horn ... and losing habitat
  • Efficient, Sociable, Cunning ... Endangered

    Persecuted, Sensitive to disease ... and losing habitat
  • R.I.P Cecil (2002 - 1st July, 2015)

    Dr Andrew Loveridge ... changing Cecil's research collar in 2013. Support Lion Conservation efforts. Donate now.

Shongololo Express

The Shongololo Express began operating in 1995, providing a special train safari experience for visitors to Southern and East Africa. The Shongololo Express train travels seven countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. The train travels at night with daily stops at the top tourist destinations enabling the passengers to get off the train to explore and experience the exquisite landscape, diverse culture, heritage and wildlife of Africa with the experienced Shongololo Express tour guides.

Shongololo Express and SATIB Conservation Trust have formed a partnership whereby Friends and Supporters of SATIB Conservation Trust are offered special rates on the Shongololo Express journeys and Shongololo Express donates 20% of these fares to SATIB Conservation Trust projects. In addition Shongololo Express makes in-kind donations of equipment, materials and transportation services to SATIB Conservation Trust’s Hwange Lion Project.

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