About SATIB Conservation Trust

In 2013, SATIB Insurance Brokers (SIB) founded SATIB Conservation Trust. For over 25 years, SIB has supported wildlife conservation through the provision of services to the safari, tourism and wildlife conservation industries in Africa and forged relationships with many people working in conservation. In order to formalise their conservation efforts, the Board of Directors of SIB established SATIB Conservation Trust as an independent, non-profit public benefit association – a charity, under the stewardship of newly retired SIB founder Brian Courtenay.

Brian has 20 years’ experience on the board of two non-government conservation organisations, and at SATIB Conservation Trust, he is supported by a Board of Trustees, who each have extensive experience in the conservation, tourism and wildlife industries in Africa. The Board is committed to the Mission and Vision of the Trust – to experience an Africa where communities and wildlife live together in harmony and to seek support from the international community to help realise this dream and preserve Africa’s wildlife.

The Trust seeks to raise funding to support approved and established conservation projects dedicated to wildlife research, anti-poaching initiatives, human-wildlife conflict mitigation programmes and community and tourist educational initiatives.

At SATIB Conservation Trust, we aim to bridge the gap between conservation and community welfare in Africa in order to preserve wildlife for future generations. This means understanding the drivers of community-wildlife conflict and then finding and implementing sustainable solutions to these issues. We believe the future survival of all wildlife in Africa will be decided by rural communities’ attitudes and actions and that they will profoundly influence the future of conservation.

Our plans include continuing the support of our current wildlife research and community-based projects as well as expanding our human-wildlife conflict programmes with various local and international learning institutions, National Parks authorities and other conservation organisations.

As SIB provided the impetus for the start of the Trust, it will continue to support the Trust both financially and with logistical, secretarial and day-to-day core expenses. This means that one hundred percent of donor funding to SATIB Conservation Trust will be utilised for projects approved by the Board of Trustees of SATIB Conservation Trust, with core running expenses funded separately.

Our donors and partners care about preserving Africa’s wildlife for future generations.

Join us and make a difference!